About Us


We Build Digital Products wit Love & we do it with passion!


To provide the best value to our investors and customers by consistently creating the balance among the best products & solutions, requirements, and capabilities, which enable all to reach excellence and sustainability.


To move forward in harmony and confidence, like steadily walking on a light-rope or high wire with joy and passion, focusing on the magic keyword to achievements: Balance!

Balanceia Intelligent Applications  is a professional modern systems integration house with a team of professionals having more than 20 years of experience in providing wide spectrum of services for the business and industry.

Our skilled team provide the right machinery, equipment, sub-systems and software for plants and factories, business enterprises, universities, and government organisations.

We have strategic partnerships with leading international suppliers in many domains that gives us a solid base to formulate innovative solutions to our customers.

Starting from innovative ideas we offer development, implementation, delivery and support of components and integrated solutions for diverse market segments such as oil and gas, industrial enterprises, health care, education and others, linking modern IT techniques to specialised latest technologies.

Our location in Dubai the beating heart of the middle east makes us closer to our suppliers and customers providing fast and quality services