Turn KeyIndustrial Solutions

Integrated Scrap Metal Processing Lines

With our innovative partners we were able to change the scrap processing and metal separation business. We have comprehensive offerings for all kinds of ferrous non-ferrous and plastic recycling with the latest technology and highest material return performance.

  • Steel Scrap Pre-processing Lines: with our ECOSHREAD and FINETUNNING patented technologies we guarantee our customers the lowest processing cost and highest material quality.
  • Scrap Cleaning Technologies: we offer unique technologies to process general steel scrap and ASR to upgrade it to the next level giving steel melt-shops higher metal yields and significant saving of energy.
  • Non-Ferrous Scrap Processing and separation lines: using our multi-steps technologies and with mechanical, magnetic, gravimetric, and sensory machines, we build standard and custom-made processing plants that output clean Copper, Aluminium, and many other materials.
  • E-Waste Metal Recovery Line: with the general modern trend to recycle the huge amounts of electrical and electronic waste appliances, our partners developed specific process that is most suited to this kind of scrap generating clean Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminium, PCB’s along with recyclable plastics.
  • Plastic Recycling Lines: We start from Plastic separation and sorting to end with plastic pallets or even final products using single or multi stream methods.