Fume Treatment Plants

Fume Treatment Plants

Environmental impact is one of the most important factors in modern plants, visible and invisible emissions from the plant stacks represent a real challenge and eliminating them to achieve the requirements of the regulations comes at great complexity and high costs

What Can we Offer

In Balanceia we highly value the environment we live in, and strive to protect it at any cost, so we offer the most innovative technologies in accordance to the BATs guidelines. Together with our technology partners, our Smart FTP Plants are able to capture and treat the all kinds of fumes from the industrial processes, to eliminate harmful substances or sometime to recover valuable material, our smart plants will eliminate hydrocarbons, oil mists, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) contained in the fumes, it will remove dusts, heavy metals, organic matters, and other pollutants and will reduce NOx numbers in line with the most restrict EPA, EEA, and regional regulations

We can supply compact units for basic tasks or integrated planta for the whole industrial complex, our FTP plants will handle different type of furnaces, mills, chemical tanks and other systems, our smart Industry 4.0 control system will reduce the cost of running the FPTs and will extend the service lifetime of consumable filters, reduce the energy required to run the plant, and most important ensure that no harmful material is emitted any anytime.