Water Treatment Plants

Water Treatment Plants


Water is life and is a sacred resource of our mother earth, keeping its industrial consumption to the minimum and the treatment of the polluted water are key factors in protecting the environment.

What Can we Offer

Balanceia is keen to providing the best Water saving, treatment and recovery plants to any industrial process to help achieving our environmental goals.


Our smart technologies focus on limiting the use of fresh water for the industrial processes and to achieve zero discharge of wastewaters into the environment, We can formulate solutions that will offers the best  reuse of municipal and industrial wastewaters with total recovery by “Zero Water Discharge” , Our smart control and monitoring systems can guaranties effective minimum fresh water consumption and zero wastewater discharge, fulfilling with concept of circular economy and sustainability in metal industry production.

Our plants can be built with any robust technology from aerobic treatment, cooling and different types of filtration, we can provide cooling plants with automatic additive system and recovery.