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Digital Hammer LRH225

 1. Using electromagnetic sensor technology, no load, no contact, no friction, zero interference to the rebound value, higher accuracy of the rebound value and longer service life

2. The electronic warehouseis maintenance-free, and the modular designcan be quickly replaced and assembled

3. Large-capacity rechargeable lithium battery, low power consumption design, longer battery life, energy saving and more environmentally friendly

4. Thebuilt-in three-axisgyroscope can automatically identify thedirection of the bullet and improve work efficiency

5. Equipped with high-power speakers, the on-site voice report is clearer, and it can also be used normally in noisy environments

6. Built-in Bluetooth chip, connected to a portable Bluetooth printer, the original records and test results can be printed on site

7. The computer online system software adopts the data processing platform report formats and multiple data export formats to give users a more perfect experience 

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