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FTIR Spectrometer OI05e

IROS 05 FTIR spectrometer is designed to provide a wide range of sample measurement techniques in the most challenging environments, from the scientific laboratory to the industrial production line. Compact size, reasonable price, a unique set of accessories and high performance – these advantages of IROS 05 spectrometer allow it to fit the most of research and field tasks as a mid-level spectrometer for academic and industrial applications.


  • Wide array of functions due to various attached modules and detectors

  • Capability of additional external devices connection for IR spectrum registration

  • Stability to temperature fluctuation and vibration due to unique patented interferometer design

  • Humidity resistance because of ZnSe optics

  • Spectrum recording control buttons on device case for fast routine operations

  • Compact and light-weight

IROS 05 FTIR Main advantages:

  • Unique misalignment-free, humidity and temperature change resistant Double Cat’s Eye interferometer
  • Integrated TransmissionSpecular-Diffuse and ATR modules (DiamondZnSe or Ge) in the basic configuration
  • HATR (ZnSe or Ge) instead of ATR module
  • Measurement with controlled heating up to 200 °C with Diamond ATR
  • Interface for IR M2/M3 microscope with specular reflection and micro-ATR (Ge) modes with mapping
  • Ports for external devices, such as multi-pass gas cell or IR telescope
  • Up to two ATR fiber probes connected simultaneously
  • Possibility of two detectors simultaneous mount, such as MG-32M, DLaTGS, Si, InGaAs, MCT LN2, MCT TE cooling, LiTaO3
  • Expansion to NIR spectral range with the second external light source

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