Muffle Furnace 1200C – 10 Liter B2 Controller


Standard Muffle Furnaces MT-1200-10-B2

• Temperature up to 1200 C

• Controller B2 Programmable 4 Time / Temperature Segments Program

• Physical Volume [Liter] Width [mm] Height [mm] Depth [mm] 10,8x200x180x300

• Accurate measuring and controlling the temperature using K and S Type thermocouples.

• ±1 °C control accuracy.

• Designed for minimal space requirements in the laboratory, thanks to the highly engineered insulation design.

• Dual shell housing for low outer surface temperature.

• Lift up and Sidewards opening door possibilities

Product Specifications

  • Standard Series Ash / Muffle / Laboratory Furnace
  • 1200°C Continuous Working Temperature
  • 10 Liter Volume
  • Suitable for All Kinds of Processes Such as Ash Analysis, Heat Treatment, Sintering, Preheating, Melting, Oxidation
  • Programming with Easy-to-Understand Menu on 4-Line LCD Display
  • Durable Inner Chamber Made of Light Isolation Bricks
  • ±1 °C Control Accuracy
  • Accurate Measurement and Temperature Control with K Type Thermocouple
  • Homogeneous Heat Distribution
  • Space-Saving in the Laboratory with Unique Insulation Design
  • Low External Surface Temperature with Dual Layer Housing
  • Heating Elements which are Selected and Designed According to Their Proper Working Temperatures and Providing Fast Heating of the Furnace
  • Heating Element Protection with Quartz Tubes against the Effects of Harmful Gases
  • Fan and Chimney System for Discharging Corrosive and Oxidizing Gases
  • Optional Features such as Protective Gas Connection, Door Sensor, Second Thermocouple (Indicator)
  • Lift-Up & Sidewards Door Options
  • 2 Years Warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Inner Chamber Dimensions WxHxD: 200x180x300 [mm]
  • Product Outer Dimensions WxHxD: 496x648x695 [mm]
  • Net Weight 50 [Kg]
  • Power 3000 [W]
  • Max. Current 13.7 [A]
  • Electrical Connection 1 Phase
  • Heating Element Type Fe-Cr-Al
  • Thermocouple Type K Type
  • Heating Element Placement Embedded into Brick Walls
  • Inner Insulation Material Insulating Fire Brick
  • Front Face Insulation Material Ceramic Fire Brick
  • Door Insulation Material Ceramic Fibre Board
  • Housing Material Steel Sheet
  • Housing Coating Epoxy Powder Coating
  • Chimney Standard
  • Heating Element Protection Quartz Tube
  • Lockable Door Handle Sidewards
  • Gross Dimensions GxYxD: 556x855x708 [mm]
  • Gross Weight 67 [Kg]
Control Unit Features
B2 Software Option
  • Software Based PID Control YES
  • Display 4 Line LCD
  • Heating Program 4
  • Custom Preset Program 2
  • Heating Rate °C/min. 1-20 1-20*
  • Date & Time YES
  • Sound Warning at Step Changes YES
  • *Independent for Each Level
  • Sound Warning at the End of the Program YES
  • Total Working Hour Counter YES
  • Calculator for Average Working Temperature YES
  • Instantaneous Energy Consumption YES
  • Over Heating Cut Off YES
  • Door Sensor OPTIONAL
  • Pc Connection OPTIONAL
  • Warranty Period 2 Years


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