You are currently viewing Lab Fume Hood 1800*850*2350

Lab Fume Hood 1800*850*2350

Lab fume Hood


  1. Integral air suction allocate on whole internal room Air vent device (on ceiling) in case of overpressure

2. The product can keep hanging status automatically; Simple to operate;

1.  Body: Use 1.0mm thick high-quality Zinc steel sheet, after pickling & phosphating processing coated with Epoxy resin; and by high temperature curing to make it resistant to acid-alkali & rust.

2. Worktop: Use 19mm epoxy resin worktop

3. Lining & airflow guiding board : Use solid phenolic laminate or FRP, 

4. Side plate: Use 1.2mm thick imported cold-rolled sheets to mold.

lab fume hood

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